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SharpEpub 0.3b

Project Description
This API allows to create Epub files from existing directory with Html formatted files or create it "on the fly" using strings and allows to save result in local file, stream or byte array.

Hi! This is a small library that allows us to create Epub books from a list of htmls and stylesheets.
It's only a beta version and I think that there might be some bugs. If so, please, contact me and I'll try to fix them as soon as possible.
In general, library works.

Version 0.3b changes:
* issue when files "*.jpeg" added twice
* most of E-pub validation errors
* bug with double call XmlBase<T>.GetDocument()

* DotNetZip library updated to v1.9.1.8

Version 0.2
First stable public release.

Also, I am using third party Zip library - DotNetZip in my project.



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